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Peel & Stick Clothing Labels

Peel and Stick On Clothing Labels are the No Ironing and No Sewing easy solution to identify your clothing! Simply peel & stick these extra small, super cute stick on clothing labels and apply to the care tag of your garment (the care tag is the satin tag that is on your clothing with the washing instructions). Can also be applied directly to most polyester, dri-fit and nylon clothing like bathing suits, rain jackets, snow pants, etc. When applied, label adhesive will double its bonding strength after 10 days. When applying each label, make sure you press down firmly on all 4 corners to ensure secure application. Washable peel and stick name labels are removable.

Our soft, thin, flexible, tear resistant material with super-strong water and heat resistant adhesive will stay stuck through countless cycles in the washing machine and dryer! Left over labels can be used on toothbrushes, toys, inside shoes or any other small item that needs waterproof identification. IMPORTANT: Stick on clothing labels are designed to be applied only to polyester or satin finish fabrics. Personalized clothing name labels measure 13/16" x 3/8".

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