For an additional fee of $6 you can get your stationery gift wrapped. Your gift message is included on an attractive gift card.

Family Holiday Card Combo Sets

Unique Personalized Holiday Cards with characters of your entire family! The Holiday Season is almost here, that joyful time of year when we reach out to family and friends! Welcome this Holiday Season with Celebratory Holiday Cards by Family Labels. Select one of our original card designs and then personalize it with caricatures of your entire family including your pets! Add a Santa Hat or Kippah to each family member if you like and you'll have unique, custom one-of-a-kind Holiday Cards! Create your own personalized message of Peace, Happiness and Prosperity and share it with everyone you love! Our Colorful Holiday Cards are produced in fine detail on high quality card stock. Everything is included: Personalized Holiday Cards, Address Labels & Envelopes.